The cycle art by Dina SokerGood Evening Dear Ones, what a wonderful sound…we appreciate it very much, thank you.  And what a beautiful group it is here today, we thank you for allowing us to be here in guidance for you.  It is a special time, a very special time, and you feel it already, don’t you?  Things are going different ways.  Not necessary the way you had planned it, or thought you had planned it.  2013, human time, was a beautiful year, beautiful.  Imagine even though you did struggle sometimes, but in that year you got your wings.  You got your wings.  You had some growing pain, shift in the bones, a lot of changes in the human body.  Yet for a good purpose, isn’t it… Many integrations, a higher part of yourself connecting with you, with the physical body…integrating. Going into the body to become one, become one.

What makes you if you want to look at it this way, as a super human?  A human in a living body that can absolutely use abilities of spirit at any time at any point if you are, or when you are centered and focused.  Must say about centered, it’s not just quiet in yourself it is the notion of who you really are.  It is the notion of your ability, it is the notion of your being.  For when you know who you are, when you know where you are, you don’t need to struggle any more.  Then at that moment of realization, at that moment of acknowledging who you are.  The whole energy around you shifts, everything changes.  And you have all experienced it in what you call 2013.  Many times that are not comfortable for the physical body, for the emotional body, many changes.  And we said before more are yet to come.  But you have grown your wings in 2013.  So you can go higher, so you can fly better, so you can see everything possible from up there.  For you can see better when you are on the top of the mountain.   For some of you the ability to see, to channel, opened up.  It is a tool for you, not just because it is interesting, not just because it is the unknown.  Because that is your heart and your soul, this is what you’ve come to do…to bring the messages to others, to help and guide others.  You can not save them from their own journey, you can not save them from their own lives.  But you can be the light for them, so they can see the way.  That is why we said “today it’s and end of a cycle”.
For the year 2013 ended a cycle of 6500 years human time.  Many, many humans were living during this time in pain, suffering, killing.  Just a few years of this long time, human time, where given to women leaders who were forced to behave as men.  It’s a big cycle, a long one human time as you perceive it.  But that kind of energy, and you have probably started it to feel it, is dying.  That kind of energy is dying…but it dies slow and it fights back.  Because this is all it knows…is to fight back.  There is no compassion, there is no love.
Possession, conquering, competition, all of this is going to disappear from your existence and it’s already happening.  The earth will participate in that elimination of disrespect and power.  And you have felt it, in the last few days and more in the last year.  Many places have disappeared and others came to the surface.  Placing meaning earth…it is happening again and it will during this year, what you call 2014.  It is easier because more of this strong fighting energy, more of it goes away.  So you will feel easier, you will feel as if you can maneuver your life in the lighter way.  You will feel that you can stand tall and speak your truth, without risking death of the body.  But things are yet to come, and you all know that.  Many changes upon the earth are yet to come, major changes. And you are, all of you, here because you can, because you can, because you chose to.  We do not say it is going to be easy, but we do not say also that it is going to be hard.  It is going to be what you perceive it to be, what you reflect out there, no matter what the consequences are.
No matter what is happening, it is your perception of what is that makes it good or bad.  And since you started to shift into a paradigm where there’s no good or bad…it’s just “there is”.  For good or bad is just how you perceive it.  So it just is…so in order to know what to do, you go to your heart and feel what is the right thing to do. If your heart is telling you that tonight the right thing to do is to go in your car and drive to the midwest.  Because that’s is what your heart is saying, you maybe safe from earthquake or other dangers for the body. If you feel that you need to move from this place to this place or if you feel that you need to drink something.  If you feel that you need to eat a certain kind of food…listening to your heart.  Sometimes it may seem unreasonable, most times it will be unreasonable…but it will always be right.  And you will always be ready in time for what is coming for you don’t know.
We do not say that in order to raise fear in you, the all intent here in saying these sentences is to make you see and understand your abilities yours powers.  And know that it is in your power to go through whatever it is needed for you, or for whatever you have planned to do.  Not just leading yourself but leading others.
Many will try to scare you and others, many will try to put visions of fear and distracting, many like what you call use newspaper, what you call reports, it is not interesting if it doesn’t have drama in it.  And when you participate in drama, no matter what drama is, small or big you make it grow.  You give it your powers you give it your attention you make it grow.  So what we say here is not to put fear upon you, but to make you see and understand and when you feel fear coming center yourself and allow yourself to rise above water, so you can take another breath.
It is a new era…but the energy of 2013 is still kicking, so you will still feel the vibrations and the earth will still move and the changes will still occur but you have changed, you have changed.  You are not the same human being, you do have spirit abilities, realize what it is, figure it out, for you need it…figure it out.
It is not hard to see all you need to do is go into your heart.  You will know what it is and when you feel danger coming or when you feel something is wrong.  Listen to your heart.  Be brave enough not to think it, be brave enough to listen to your heart.  Your wise heart knows better, much better.  Any situation that will occur now you will know how to participate in or not.  How to work with it or not. what to do or not.   You will know exactly for your are stronger now, you have changed.  And it is time for you to break out of your cocoon and show your powers and use every tool given to you.  Remember practice, don’t let it go…practice.   For the events are not going to be what you call easier.  There will be many events, small or big for your perception.  It is for you to go through this when you are fully centered, when you fully know who you are, and you stand tall, as tall as you can.  So others can see you and get confidant by that, and will get strong by that.
2014 will be easier in a since of growth in the body not to many changes in the body,  Less pain, but your sensitivity has grown.  You will be able to since and feel emotions, protect yourself.  Always protect yourself, so you do not bring in energy that does not belong to you and you do not spread out energy and leave it out there without receiving it back.  Calling it back demanding it back.  Feel it, you are the leader each and every one of you.  You can sense it in you bodies already, spirit knows it.
2014 is a great time.  It is the beginning of a new era freedom, and love energy.  Just image a place that has no good or bad, that has no past or future and every moment is a present.  A place where human beings love each, care for each other not in a way that I know better than you.  But in a way I’ll help you grow what do you need, what do you want.  I’m not better than you, we are equal.  Hmmm utopia…but it is and it is coming, it is coming.  Since you don’t know how to live in a world like this, a reality like this it will take some adjustment time, but that is why we tell you ahead of time.  So you can practice, and we say again practice.  Learn how to maneuver in the new energy.  Learn how to be love, 100% love.  Learn how to live in the moment with no past and no future.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t  have no plans, but you live in the now.
THE EMERALD GROUP, CHANNELED BY DINA SOKER  01/18/2014 LAKE FOREST CALIFORNIA. –  Transcribed by Darla LeVeque    See more at: http://lifeguidechannel.com


Miracles and WondersYou have seen in the last two years how times are changing.  Some are experiencing very hard times.  In the body, financially, in their minds.  It’s a great time of shift.  You may say, dear group, where do we shift to.  No where, dear human.  The shift is within you.  It’s within your spirit.  It’s a choice that is made within you.  Choosing to open up, choosing to see,  choosing hear ,choosing to do different, not the oppose just different.  All of it together creates a new dimension for you.  Opens up a new world for you, and the old one is if never existed.

We gave the topic for this meeting,. It is a time for miracles and wonders.   And it is!  It is!  But first define what are miracles?  What are wonders?  And what is magic?  You have seen magicians at their work, magnificent, magnificent, very fast, very deceiving.  For you can’t see the truth you can’t see the moment therefore it disappears or it doesn’t exist.  But it is really gone?  You know it’s not.  You know it’s hidden from you.  You know your not allowed to see or observer, or feel, for it moves so fast that your eye cannot catch it.  Magic, magnificent.

Miracles.  Miracles most of the time will be the appearance of something you do not believe exist.  When it pops up and then you consider that as a miracle.  If you are in pain, and then one day the pain disappears or for one hour the pain disappears without painkillers.  You would consider that as a miracle.

Wonders.  Wonders the beauty of the universe that exists all the time.  All the time weather you see it or not.  The beauty of the human being in a body, weather you see it or not.  The existence of what you call God with in each and every one of you, weather you believe it or not.

Wonders.  The greater power to create life, within you.  And we said it is the time now for miracles and wonders.  For you have stepped into the new dimension the new earth.  You are stepping now in the new energy totally different from what you known before.  Things are shifting for you in a different way.  Things are shifting for you, from your speech what ever you say into existence.  And we say,  “you better watch your words, watch your language, how you verbalize everything you say.  More than that how you think, and which thoughts you what to give attention and which ones you don’t what to give attention.  For they distract you from your focus.”  We have ask you,  “can you really believe, really believe, you can do miracles in your life’s’.  We could feel the energy in most of you, and the answer for most of you was,  “well yeah, if I could I wouldn’t be in the state being that I am”.  Understand that being a human being living in a body gives you the most power most control in everything.  it is a matter of focus.

What are you focusing on?  When there is pain or disease in the body, it hurts the body.  Therefore most intention is drawn into the pain.  Into how can I get rid of the pain, I don’t want this pain. How do I get rid of this pain.  I want this pain gone. I don’t want this. How can I get rid of this. The more you think about it, the more you talk about it, the more you tell yourself about it, the stronger the pain gets.  Then you take the pill, shot, whatever it is. you get the help from the outside to eliminate this disturbing energy in your body.

Yes there has to be a matter of practice for you to achieve full control of your body.  The most important thing is the belief, a strong belief that it is possible.  That it is achievable.

Yes I feel pain, but I what to focus on healing and rejuvenating cells in my body.  Is it difficult to do?  We tell you yes, dear human.  Why because the pain is distracting the body on focusing on what you want to focus.  Then you shift your focus again into breathing.  Inhaling as if it’s a catastrophe, very fast.  Very fast.  It is an emergency in your body and you want your body to recognize it.  This is an emergency we want to focus on healing and the pain is there. That’s an emergency junction.  At that point, you focus your attention on breathing, breathing, breathing.  Until you feel lighter in your body.  Just a little bit lighter, just a little bit lighter.  Then you may want to focus your attention on rejuvenating cells. Focus your attention on healing spreading in your body focus your attention on healing light energy flowing in the body.

Thoughts of I really can do it.  Thoughts of this is really possible but I feel the pain yes, but I have the tool.  I know how to create healing in the body.  And we tell you dear human you can.  Weather you believe it or not and if you don’t belief it will just be more of the pain until you do.  But it is within your ability to do that.  And when you do, you breath and you shift, the pain subsides.

Suddenly there is not to much stress in the body and within a couple more minutes you can even tell yourself a joke.  And what was before tremendous pain is now just a tiny little bit of discomfort.  Isn’t that a miracle?  And you did that, all by yourself!  All by yourself!   No higher power guided you.  No higher power healed you it was you, only you, only you.  When you go through life and you see what you perceive as reality.  You look at the house you live you look at your spouse you look at your children, you look at the life you have. You look at your job, you look at your hobbies if you have ones.  When you do that we must say humanity, we can not say you, we must say humanity, when humanity does that.  They tend to look at what’s  wrong with my job, that are the things I don’t like with my job, what are the things I don’t like with my spouse?  What are the things that I don’t like with my children?  Oh I wish I could be like that guy, oh I wish I could be like her.  Why do I have this body?  it’s horrible!  Why am I so skinny?  Why am I so fat?  Focusing on the things that you don’t like.  Focusing on the things that you don’t like.  And when you do have a disagreement let’s say couples.  Husbands and wife’s, or any other way.  And there is a disagreement it is because each and everyone of you is  focusing on what they don’t want in the other person.  I don’t like him chewing this way, I don’t like the way he’s walking, I don’t like…hum, interesting.  And the more you focus about that, about what is not, what is not becomes hugh.  For you give it energy your actually the one feeding it making it grow.  This is why, dear humans, you still have wars on your planet, this is why, dear humans, you still have poisoning you still have human control.  This is why.  For everyone, each and everyone is focused on what they don’t like what they don’t want.

Imagine an argument that you both will set down and talk.  I would like to have this and I appreciate  you for having this and this.  I appreciate these qualities in you.  I appreciate your blue eyes.  I appreciate your smile.  I appreciate that every time when I feel sad I have a shoulder to cry on.  When you get into an argument or a discussion like this and you are focused, intently focused on what is and not on what isn’t.  As if what isn’t is so small that you can hardly see it. You know it’s there that but you can hardly see it.  Intentionally you create a different space and a different dimension for you and your group, and your spouse and your kids to have a conversation.  You create deliberately.  You create a different frequency in a different dimension.  When it is created you go like “wow” look what happened look what just happened.  I didn’t expect that, what just happened.  And we tell you dear human to go do it again, and again and again just go do it again with a different person. With a different message.

You need to know dear human, most of you do watch TV, don’t you?  The messages that you get from that screen are fearful messages.  To increase the fear with in you, and to you to bring you into a state of, uncertainty.  To bring you into a state of, I’m not sure If I want to live.  To bring you Into a state of, I hate everything around me.  When you listen to those messages, this news and you feel aggravated and you feel that you hate it, and you feel that you can not tolerate that, weather its’ the news or its a person next to you.  That’s the alarm for you to understand that you are about to step in and participate in an energy that you don’t agree with, you don’t agree with.  This energy will not create miracles it will create disasters it your life.  It will create everything you try to avoid everything you what to run away from.

In order for you to create a space of healing, a space of wealth, a space of joy.  Joy all the time as a default for you.  You need to be in a state of deliberate creation.  You need to put your intent there and allow.  Allow, the energy to come into your body.  You feel the fear?  OK, I’m focusing on that creation of mine, I’m focusing on the beauty of my life.  I’m focusing on my ability to love, myself and others.  I am focusing.  Is it achievable?   Yes we say Yes!  Can you do it?  Yes!  what to you need to do just practice a little bit, just a little bit.  And you will be amazed with the miracles that you can create.  For you never expected it to be as big.  You never expected  it can be as beautiful as it can be.  For you don’t know that.  But when you allow and you release.  You release.  Everything becomes possible, just allow.  Have your intent ready each and every one of you.  Now.  Have your intent ready in your heart, connected to your feelings.  FEEL.  FEEL  Feel the beauty, feel the joy when you have achieved what you intent to have.  When you have achieve this beauty in your life, the health in your life.  FEEL IT…FEEL IT…feel it in your heart. Stay with this feeling and breath it in, allow this joy of creation stay in your body  with each and every heart beat flowing with your blood to every cell in your body.  I experience healing now, I experience healing now.  FEEL IT.  FEEL IT.  See how wealth is coming into your life.  With joy!  See how money is coming closer to your body.  Imagine it.  Create the movie in your mind and connect your heart to it.  Feel the joy, of having this amount of money coming to your life.  Have the joy in you connected to your feelings.  Just work with it.

It as so simple  and you may say this is so simple it may not work.  And we say “Your right, for you it wouldn’t”.  When you have that little thought, and you think this may not work. You just cut this beautifully flower.  It may hold for one or two days then it will die.  For it has no root it has no feeling so it can grow, it can grow.

Dear human, we do not just tell you this because we want to show off or make you feel good or deceive you.  We are showing you what is.  What you think is doesn’t exist. it’s a different vibration it’s a different frequency and we are showing you what is available.  and how you can create any, we repeat ANY, and we repeat ANY,  reality you perceive reality that  you desire.   There are no games here and  you can do anything you wish for as long as you focus and you focus and you connect your intent, your deliberate intent, into your feelings. Not fear feelings, joy feelings.  Whatever beings you joy, if the thought of a new baby that you hold in your hands will brings you that joy, do it.  If the thought of your favorite food bring a smile to you your face and you want to just laugh and laugh do that.  if the thought of making love brings you to that state of being just do that.  if the thought of looking in the mirror in your eyes, at you.  Seeing your soul from within brings you joy, then do that.   Connect to the feeling.  Connect your intent. What ever you intent to be, have, do…connect it.  Feelings are activators, when you connect it to the feeling you push the activation button.  You actually push the activation button.  And then it must become.  It must!  That’s a universal law, it can not work in a different way.  When you have your intent and you have connected it to the emotion state you have activated it.

We have told you before and we will tell you again.  You are much more powerful than you think you are you.  And you are much more powerful than you know you are.  And you can create and destroy anything and anyone in your life.  What do you choose dear human???   What miracle do you want to create in your life and that is a question for each and every one of you.  For we are about to have a conversation in a moment.  Think of that.  Connect to that. What it is?  What it is that you intent.  What is it that you intent to have or need to have to be or do and start feeling how is it when you already have it.  How is it when your already there.  How will it feel like?  Image image.  Image yourself in those clothing, image your self setting at that desk, imaging yourself driving that car.  It doesn’t matter what it is that you want.  It doesn’t matter what it is.   What matters is the meaning the content doesn’t matter at all.  You can choose any that you want.  Any experience what so ever.  The meaning the connection to the heart the connection to feelings the activation code.  That’s the key, dear human, for all creation that’s the key,  remember it!   As human you tend to forget make yourself something, a sign a picture, a word, mantra if you will, that will remind you of that.  That will remind you the key of activation.  And we’ll bring you back no matter where your at, what ditch your in we’ll  bring you immediately to that state of creation.  Lets create miracles dear humans.  We want to open the stage for you we would love each one of you to participate but its not a must and you don’t have to,  unless this is one of your creations.



Your Healer Within

by lifechannel on

My Healer within –

So strong, and so bright

Continues to guide me

All Day- thru to night.

The silent voice

Yet the loudest of all

Tells me to breathe

And come’s to my call.

The Inner stillness

Of my mind she will touch,

And the peaceful Calmness

When- a moment’s too much.

Through Love she steps in

To charge my machine,

Each energy center

She swirls to clean.

Colors Whirling –

Like a Crayola fight,

Like a Laser concert

On The Darkest night.

My mad Scientist Within

I smile at such Love,

The Yellow is bright

The Purple- Above.

The Green that Nurtures

And The Indigo so Resilient

The Orange, the Red,

And the blue,- So Brilliant.

The result is Amazing

So powerful and immense,

Such Love, Such Beauty…

A tool that’s Intense.

To Experience Self Love

Ask your Healer Inside

To awaken your centers,

Then- wear them with Pride.

Leanna Marino 4/8/13


I AM Human after all

by lifechannel on

I AM beautiful, I AM love

My soul shines through to all above-

My spirit is strong and My Mind sees tomorrow

My Core is not shaken with any sorrow.

My eyes are closed yet I see more than ever

My body is here and the cord will not sever

The being that I am, the wisdom that I know

The dimensional doorways -that forever grow.

Death is not real, but we seek to stay true

To the love we felt and all that we knew

As Human beings we live linear time

But as spirit beings there is no such sign.

Our Vessel will drop and our soul will be free

To move to the next challenge I give to thee.

My contracts of life will bring my soul growth

Free will and Love –I’ll experience both.

I seek the fact of all that shall be

I AM the light that helps me See,

I push to remember my BEING of truth

An Ancient Soul with Loving youth.

But I am Human after all…

As others- I live-Like an unbalanced ball

I shall focus on love- The light in my Core

Allow it to lead, touch others and more.

Leanna Marino


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ים התודעה האנושית

What does it mean in 3D to ascend? What does it mean in 3D to be prepared for that that is coming?  What does it mean in 3D human beings, to live a life that has this process of ascending, respect, understand, let it go through you and don’t fight.  And we want to start from the beginning, the earth as you know, Gaia, is ascending.

With that said your human pattern is the same one as the earth, as Gaia, you have the same pattern, so if the earth energy or frequency is rising, you will have to follow.The patterns are changing, the earth may change in a way you may not know it as it was, not saying that there is going to be mass destruction, do you understand?  Good.

What does it mean from 3D point of view human?  You live in a body that you consider and understand and perceive as real.  You live in a physical body, for that is how you perceive it.

Since you were born that body is serving you, it is growing and you are growing with it, only understand dear human the real body that you are in, is a suit, just as a coat or a suit or clothing that you are wearing, but without that suit, you cannot experience life as a human being walking upon earth.  Do you understand?    Good.

Therefore, we would say that you are going through your body, getting born, going into that suit, that in a magical way it is growing with you, and then dying, growing out of your suit.

Only dying and getting rid of the suit is not the only way to move forward, and we must say move forward for you are thinking in a 3D process that has a step after a step not necessarily this way, but in order for that to be clearer to understand, we are talking as if it were linear.

From that point you make your choices, whether you want to get rid of the body, shed the body, take it off, leave it, and go on, or you make a choice to ascend.

Need to say dear human, for we hear the fear in your heart, both ways are safe, need to know you are immortal, do you know that dear human?

Yes, in your mind of course.

For the body is just a suit to serve you upon this planet, to be able to walk, participate in the game.

Let’s talk about spirit, in your spirit understand you are a creator, you are the creator, you are the one who has chosen this body, you are the one that has created health and illnesses in the body, you are the one that has created the bone structure, the cells, the skin, the skin color, the eye color, you have chosen that, to serve you to understand and experience certain experiences that you want to take part in, in this lifetime.  Do you understand?

From that point you are a creator, from that point you have the power, you have the strength, you have ability 100% and more to do anything you want with that which is your suit, you may chose to take this body and ascend to the 5th dimension.

Ascension Channeling 12.15.12


It might be differentThis is an energy field , that you are in, you are it, divine consciousness, which you call a place of love, which you call you.

You are divine consciousness

Breathe it in, understand, from within your consciousness what are the possibilities for you.  When you really understand the full potential of what is there for you, when you understand there is no need to struggle or fight, then you will ask, well look at our planet, look at our reality.

People are killing each other, people are fighting over a piece of land, people are stealing from each other, and we tell you dear human that is a creation of the brain, for the brain would like to divide and create levels, and push away, to push away from that fear of consciousness.

So if you are sitting there in 3-D and your eyes are closed, and you don’t know about this potential, this infinite potential field, and you don’t know that this is in you power, this is in your strength, to do something different.

You don’t fight, you stay divided, you live, and then you die and there is an end to life, die and there is nothing else besides that.

Understand dear human, you can look at the world you are living in and understand what is creating it, what is bringing wars, what is bringing starvation, what is …

You can understand; Imagine that most humans will practice consciousness to it’s highest level, imagine we ask, imagine that kind of society, that kind of creation, that kind of interaction, that type of creativity, that kind of life experiencing life.

It is there, you are living from consciousness, the only question to ask yourself, what is the level of consciousness I’m at?

And what do I do to get to a higher consciousness?

What do I do?

And you repeat again, no fear.

When you are at that highest consciousness level, you are creating for yourself the dimension that has all potentials open for you, everything is really, really possible.

You probably know this children’s game, you call it “Lego”, all those little particles, you can build your own castle, you can build your own universe, you can tell the particles where to go and what to do.

Just remind you, your physical body is a gift, it’s a treasure that you can experience with.

Love it, treat it well, respect your particles, respect the electricity filling your body, and experience the highest level possible, and then the highest level possible and so on.

For there is no end of consciousness, no end for there was no beginning.

We encourage you dear human, practice, if you cannot grasp the whole message, play be willing to play and see what comes.



Ocean of ConciousnessWhy do different people experience different realities?

Different 3-D’s, what is the difference if all come from consciousness?

There are different states of consciousness.  From that place that you are, and create your life, create dear human this room, create those people, that are sharing that with you, creating that interaction, creating that balance or imbalance in your life.  The only diffidence is the state of consciousness you are.

For when you fully understand the idea of being one with everyone and everything that is the concept that is not easy to take in, but you are all the same, See that.

See that place, that is afraid, that is the state of consciousness that person is in, being afraid, being worried not enough finances, not enough help, not enough.

 They will take my, they will do to me, they will…that is the state of consciousness that person is at.

From that state of consciousness, you magnetize, you bring, you create into your life the life you experience, which you call 3-D.

You bring into life the reality which you are afraid of the most, look, just look.

In a different state of consciousness you create a completely different reality or what you call reality to yourself, need to remember, everything is particles, everything is created just like a hologram.

And you are the one that is putting the pieces together, you are the one who is creating this picture, you are not on the beach now, but you can experience it through your consciousness  you can experience this gathering through your consciousness  if there was no consciousness  there was no experience, there was no life, no love.  Consciousness wants to experience itself, therefore you’re here and that is what you do and this brings an open view to you of understanding, how far you can go with your creation.

If you think you are limited, then you are.

If you are afraid of going forward, that is what creates itself.

If you are willing to fear, you will be stagnant.

That is your life, that is your 3D, that is what becomes in your hologram, in your creation, which you call life, which you call your life.

From within consciousness, the field of infinite possibilities, there is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot create, there is nothing you cannot bring into your life and enjoy for you are here to experience.

Understand dear human, all is, and you repeat, all is possible for you.

The human body is not a limitation it is a privilege created by you.

And that thought and that feeling is felt within consciousness, whichever state of consciousness you are.

You are painting that picture and you can do the touch up too, you can change, recreate, erase, create again.

Anything that you wish.



A Magnificent Human Being

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The Path LRImagine that that fear is just a veil, kind of a curtain, like a frightening movie, scary movie, monsters dragons smoke in your face, but it is just a curtain.  It is your choice to walk through the curtain, just one step, through the curtain to the other side, and see yourself for the first time, through your real eyes, through your real eyes.

Not from the society way of thinking, not from your parents expectations, not from your friends expectations, but from a pure being point of viewing.  Looking into your heart, and allowing, just maybe, this potential is right for me.  Just maybe it is possible for me, just maybe.  Dear humans, we say that again you have everything you need for that journey, for this lifetime within you.  You need some guidance, take it, it is there for you, don’t be ashamed, allow yourself to fall in love with who you really are, with who you really are.  A magnificent human being,  A magnificent human being.  If you fear, become very quiet, breathe deeply, as deep as you can and exhale.  Relax through breathing and allow the energy of love to penetrate yourselves.  Don’t fight fear, for fear will always win, it is a waste of energy, don’t fight fear.  Breathe in deeply, love, compassion, grace to yourself, that will give you access, and you will find your tools.

Dear humans, you are loved more than you can imagine, we honor you for your journey, we honor you for your choices, we honor you.  Great life is awaiting you, for all of you take the first step.




12.12.2012 Portal

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Drear humans, we are the collective energy of The Emerald Group.

We speak to you about this opening time, the portal you call December 12, 2012.

At that time many changes will occur not just on these certain 24 hours day but 7 days before and 7 days after, creating the stage for the energies that are coming in, and the energies that are going out. It is not easy for the human body; fatigue and amnesia are some of the symptoms you may experience.  Know that you are prepared for that dear human, you are prepared for that which is coming for that which is the greater energy that you may ever experience and you’re here to welcome it.

The portal is a two way or multi way portal, it allows you to experience the high energy coming in from the other dimensions and to export your own energy; your desires, your willingness, your love, the expressions of love in your life.  Many changes are taking place now; the magnetic field of the earth is affecting you, your thoughts, your memory, and your balance.

Dear human, it is a great time; it is a great opportunity to let those energies submerged in your body.  Don’t just be there, don’t just be there and be foreign.  Connect with the high energy, connect with that which is a part of you, of your existence and become one.

From within consciousness, from that energy field of love, you have no fear you only have love.  Relaxation, love, acceptance, love, projection of your life.

It is a great time to be upon earth, you must know that, even though with your physical body, you may feel as if this is the most difficult time, it is a great time.  Things are changing rapidly and you are ready for that, it may seem difficult for the physical body but you are ready for that. This is why you have come here at this time, at this certain time.

The world is not going to end as you know it, the energy is going to shift, the energy of Gaia is going to shift, and so is yours, for you are connected to the earth, for you are connected with Gaia, you are one with Gaia, for you have the same pattern of energy, and when you shift you affect the planet, and when the planet shifts it will affect you.

You know that in your heart, you know that.

You are blessed dear human, this is a miraculous journey, it is a special time to be here on earth, it is very unique and we honor you for choosing this journey.

Remember that your physical body is not a burden, your physical body is a privilege, it is a privilege to walk upon earth in your physical body.

Respect it, love it, and allow the body to reach its highest state of being. Remember dear human; nothing is obvious, nothing is ready made.  You are creating it, every moment, every bit of this. With these high-energies that are coming in, on that certain date, 7 days before and 7 days after, when you connect with this energy, and you feel the energy submerged in your body, you see different, you hear different, you understand different & live different .  The whole perspective of life is going to change for you.





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        Everything is embedded in you, in your cells, DNA.   And you say, well, where is it, i’m here in the middle of chaos, in the middle of trouble, where is it?  Where are the tools you say that i came with?   You can hear the anger within you, you can hear the fear within you.

Everything is inside you, only the access code to get to that storage place, warehouse  that’s what you need.  You need the code to access that place that contains your tools.   The code, dear humans, the code…can be found in silence, in meditation, sometimes in your dreams.  That place of fear, that place of anger cannot walk you to find your potentials that are there, and we tell you it is available for you all of them for this lifetime.   The access is received within silence, with silence.   Silence in the body, silence in the brain, silence in your heart.  And you all know that place for you have been there once in a while, you get there by chance, good, that is good.

You get there and you see something.  Can this be something for me? Can this be something for me?

Dear humans, you keep looking in the outside, you keep looking for answers, ideas, from the outside, you ask other people to reveal You to You.   You’re so afraid to look inside, you are so afraid to reveal your real potentials.  You are so afraid to become who you are.  And you will do anything possible to distract yourself, to move yourself further away from the core, from that angelic music within you, you will distract yourself from that and will look for other people to tell you what are your potentials.

Dear humans, you are greater and you can understand, you are creators, you are manifestors, you have all you need for this journey within you.  No need to look outside, it is all inside one packet everything in.



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Most children born today, if you look at their faces, you can see they don’t agree, they are not happy with that, they don’t understand why it is so different from home, they don’t understand why, and they are very disappointed.

Those are the children you will call ADD & ADHD, can’t sit on their butt for a moment, they can’t learn properly, they can’t understand what you’re saying, for they know that is a different language, they know that what you are saying is just something you repeat and repeat, and it has no connection to reality that is why they fight, that is why they struggle, that is why they want to go back, and you can see that in their little faces, their disappointment, are there still wars on earth?

You were programmed to record and say everything you were taught, and when those children, the little ones come with their questions to you, you are speechless.  For you understand there is no truth for them in what you have to bring, therefore we appreciate and bless each and every one of you for you are no children anymore and you chose to unveil life, that was your choice.   To look at what really exists, to look at what really is there for you, and then you remember the child, and then you remember the little one within you, and then you remember home.

You have a deep connection to that place called home, the place you have come from, and it is your choice to unveil and see how you can plan your life, how you can move your life, how you can drive the vehicle.

You are not a sheep, any of you, therefore you don’t need a leader to walk you, and you do not need a guard dog to protect you.

You are your own leader, you are your own guard; when you dare to look inside, when you dare to question, not just say yes to everything you see, everything that is there.

You close your eyes and you dare to question, that takes a lot of courage.  But all of you here tonight have that, and you do have the ability to stop life for five minutes and question, who am I?  Who am I really?  What is it I remember?  What is it that I am the leader of?  What is the best thing I can do for myself now and influence others?

When you do start questioning, you feel like you are pulled in to that, as someone is pulling you into this and you question more, and you look at it more and you unveil more.

You realize you have the power within you, you realize that you have all the answers within you.

You realize you are stronger than you thought you were or people thought you were.





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The Emerald Group by Dina Soker 11/9/2012



“Emotions allow you to experience the essence of your life, your creation.

You are infinite, you are energy, and you are light.  You are the creator of all matter in your life.

Dear humans, it is time now to remember and become that, that you are.

You are connected to the infinite greater wisdom, every cell in your body has the greater wisdom embedded within. It is awakening now, each and every cell and all your bodies together in all dimensions.

It is the time dear ones to recognize your strength, to reconnect to your powers. You are amazing beings.

The non-physical becomes more and more present in your existence, yet you still have your doubts.

It is Okay, for you have never before in this lifetime, as an adult, experienced that which is unexplained or unseen.  You can only understand this through your emotions, feelings.

It is the time to connect to your feminine energy and allow this energy of love become part of your body and your life.

You can’t hold back any more, it is happening now.”


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Love- The moving power of life.

“Dear humans, you have within you the strength and the ability, to recreate anything you want when you are focused on that core, love energy.

You don’t need to force it to be created, or recreated, it is automatically created.  There is no work, there is no courses to take, there is no strength to put into it, power,  just be, and feel that little tickling in your tummy, this little tickling of joy inside there, that is the energy of love created in your body, that is the process of living, of really living.

Remember, it is within you, you cannot stop it.  It’s a living process.

You cannot stop it…”

“You have come here to learn how to manifest life, whether it’s a good one as you would say, or a bad one.”

“That energy of spirit which is around you, loving you, comforting, supporting, that same energy exists within you, you are part if this creation, you are part of this wholeness, holiness…and spirit is within you, all the time, free access, no need to pay… it is whether you are… tuned in, or not?

Focus your attention on love, that is your core.  It was created, that core of you, which is the little baby that came into this world, and really understands and believes that all is good, and all is good……

That all is possible,  and all is possible…….

That life is fun, and life is fun!!! “